St. John’s Superhero Saga

St. John’s Superhero Saga

The Lost Atlantean Strikes Again

Calling all heroes! Calling all heroes! That dastardly duke of the deep seas, the Lost Atlantean, has hatched his most destructive design to date!

In his ploy to take control of the island of Newfoundland, this vicious viscount of the submerged society has weaponized a wonder of science: The Electro Magnetic Pulse! If the powers of the Premier are not turned over to him by midnight tonight, his EMP bomb will detonate, wiping out all electricity on the innocent isle of Newfoundland forever!

Heroes Are Born

Who will save our fair island from a permanent DarkNL? Who can stand up to this slithering servant of sin? Fear not, fellow islanders! The Newfoundland Justice Alliance is on the move! Yes, the fearless fighters of freedom and truth are sweeping in to the capital city to thwart the evil inventions of this scuba diving scoundrel.

But wait! The treachery of the Lost Atlantean knows no bounds! Our heroes have walked into a trap!

With only 45 minutes before the EMP explodes, can the Champions of Chance Cove defuse the devilish device? Will the malevolent machinations of the merciless mastermind prevail? Find out next time in:

Just in Time for Justice! OR I’s da B’y dat Built da Bomb!



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